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The Alchemical Making of an Orchestra

I was looking at the Fiddlerman.com Facebook page. I love this musician. He is very gifted and gives basic Violin lessons for free and you can also take Skype lessons from him. One thing that got my attention right away was a video showing how, with a single alchemical thought, an orchestra was born! look at the video below and see how it was done and how remarkable this Cateura community  in Paraguay is creating music-turning recycled things in to instruments that sound absolutely beautiful.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fXynrsrTKbI The RO 2

The Recycled Orchestra

Isn’t this another demonstration what you can bring into your life with a single thought, and open heart?

The Realization of life

I can create possibilities into Realities.

I took this title from a song I wrote. The name of the song is “The Realization-this song will be be going on my next CD. This is the 3rd step of what we “New Thinkers” call Affirmative Prayer. Actually I believe it is technically called “Recognition”. This is the step you are declaring that what you want in your mind is already here. When you name it and claim it-it is yours. I was telling a friend the other day that I feel as If I walked through the door of good fortune and many, many things are coming into my life. I have a wonderful job making a good income and working in a wonderful location-my home. In this job I utilize all my talents in fulfilling ways. I work for people who I respect who respect me. This is a dream job. I am also pursuing my interests as a singer, painter, writer, animal activist, photographer and videographer and getting paid. I have a loving marriage with a man who is fun to be with-has a good outlook in the world; he loves and respects animals as much as I do. He still knows how to make me laugh and can make me feel shy as if we were first dating (although we have been together almost 13 years. We have a close-knit multi-species family. Besides humans, cats and rabbits living in our house we have many plant babies. As I have gotten more tuned in, my plant babies will call me when it is time to water them.

I am not writing this with an intention to brag but to declare that when we realize that all good things deserve to come to us, that is what we receive. In Science of Mind, Reality means, your personal truth. So if I believe I can make money doing things that I love-I do. If I believe I deserve to be loved by a loving, sweet, sexy man with a generous heart, then he shows up (he did 34 years in high school and then reappeared in December 1999-I married him in 2001). If I can believe I can meet interesting people for my TV show, I do. If I believe that when ever I have a challenge I will be led to a solution-it comes in at the perfect time.  This Reality is not only for the “chosen few” it is for anyone who is willing to go out of their comfort zone and open up to the possibility that you truly can create a life you enjoy. This consciousness came in for me in little bits and pieces at first, then as I got comfortable recieving, more and more things came in a consistent flow. Yes I have so much to be grateful for, I Realize this, accept this and claim it. And so it is!

Come one, Come all to my concert

I finally got the PSA (Public Service Announcement) to play on my station, VCAT, Channel 27. I just wanted to share with you all. It is also on YouTube right now. Here it is without any further delay:


CD Cover for Let Their Voice Be Heard

Life is what happens when you are making other “Concert” plans

I borrowed this phrase from my hero and spiritual muse, John Lennon. He was a Visionary peace activist. When He and Yoko did the bed-in for peace, my take on it was that they were saying when you focus on peace and advocate on a non-violent level, those are the results you get. It is how the Law of Attraction works. When you focus on what you want to happen, your thoughts turn in to vibrations that the Universe matches and those are the results you get.

I know I have digressed. I am really here to talk about my upcoming concert to promote my new CD, “Let Their Voice Be Heard”. I have the concert line up. A reporter, Rich Freedman, is going to do an article in our local paper. I have sent out all the Evites, I designed the posters. There have been some changes with our guest singers, but this is life, it changes all the time. someone once  said, “Change is great, routine is lethal”. So when circumstances came up and two of the original singers had to bow out gracefully. We made some changes.

Our new line up of singers are (besides myself) are Lee Wingfield, Alex Richardson and Ed Rosenback. They all share the passion of bringing better understanding between all beings on the planet.  I feel so blessed and grateful for sharing the stage with these talented, people. When we work together, it is all play. There is an infectious enthusiasm that creates wonderful nuances to the arrangements I created and turned them into something even more magical and poignant.

Lee Wingfield,(L), Alex Richardson, and Ed Rosenback

I am even more confident that what is being created is part of the shift that is occuring to  all beings on the planet.  Animals are being more open to many new behaviors that we didn’t see before. They are now feeling safe to let their true personalities come out. They know that there are humans who really want to listen to what they have to say. This concert project is a small part in the cosmic grid we are all on. I have this inner feeling that all who attend the concert will be filled with the spirit of love, compassion and embody the feelings that animals want to share with us. They will feel it as they listen to the story these songs. They will experience the spirit of the animals who will be here to fill the void with these new insights. And everyone who attends will be sending these out to other beings on the planet. This is the path of the peaceful warrior, our shield is our words and our swords or arrows are our words. If you are not able to attend this event, please hold a space of love and peace at 1:30 to 3:00PM, PST to move the message of our concert.  You are needed to keep the new movement going. Remember we are all connected to each other.

Botticelli Woman Art is getting ready to launch store

Botticelli Woman ArtI used a Scrapbook page for this design. I like the feminine color of Pink.

Yes, I am taking the plunge and putting up my newest art work for sale. I started focusing my art on creating 3D images from printing images from

my computer, watercolor art and incorparating fabric pieces too. It will manifest in the forms of greeting hards, wall hangings, book marks etc. I will also be creating more hand painting designs. I am having a great creative burst and taking advantage of this.

I will probably set the price for these 3 1/2 by 3 1/2 for $5 to $10, I will be opening an Etsy shop soon. and there is a store in Benicia where I have been selling my greeting cards. What price would you comfortably pay for this work?

I like the feminine look to this one.

This is actually mounted on a removeable square. I just forgot to remove the thum tack first:)

Kitty forgetting where the litterbox is, who you goin’ call?

My husband sent me a link to an article in the SF Chronicle this morning. It was an article on a well known cat animal behaviorist, Marilyn Krieger. I was pleasantly surprised and happy that other people are spreading the word about this very gifted cat behaviorist. I have met Marilyn and two of her cats, Sudan and Maulee. I interviewed Marilyn for my show, The Paw Stops Here.

Marilyn uses clicker training as well as positive reinforcement. She is very thorough and direct. I love that about her. When it comes to changing the stressful, frustrating experiences that could result in giving your cat to a shelter or worse yet, turning them out to fend for themselves, you can’t mince words. You have to be honest. The quicker the better. When you understand what your cat is telling you, there can be miraculous changes and you will form a deeper bond. Cats as well as other animals really respond, when they know you are hearing them, and they will repay you with more snuggles, purrs and head rubs. It becomes a harmonious household.

Cats have so many myths running out there. “you can’t train a cat, cat’s lack warmth and don’t know how to be affectionate…….black cats are unlucky….” the list goes on and on. But I am not here to keep the myth going. I am also a cat evangelist.

I became a cat convert when I was in my 30′s and I adopted my first tabby, Oscar. Oscar was the kind of cat that loved humans and would be the cat ambassador when anyone would come to our house. He had a quiet dignity and warmth and even people who didn’t normally like cats responded to him. He was my best friend and if I was having a bad day, he would come up and nuzzle me as a way of saying “it’s going to be alright, Mom.” Oscar lived to be 5 years. He had FIV since he was a kitten, which I didn’t know until he started exhibiting symptoms.

It was very hard seeing him go through that. We even set up a room where we would give him IV fluids. Within a very short time, his little body started shutting down and we had our vet release him from his pain and go back into spirit. He now is one of my animal allies. He helps me with my healing work with animals. He comes to me always dressed up in a Mourning suit. He appears to me 6 feet tall. Big enough to really give me a hug when I need it.

Through Oscar he taught me about acceptance, love, optimism, and letting go of a loved one when it is necessary. He gave me a great gift.

Fiona, Left and Moon taking a nap

In our own household with 3 cats with very distinct personalities, there is always negotiations going  on throughout the day. Sometimes my 9 year old, Oski, will want to keep playing with his sister, Moon, who is going on 13 and she says stop. We intervene when we have to. But Oski listens when I use my “growl voice” and he will stop. We only intervene when I see there is a stalemate. But most of the time we let them work it out. Our youngest cat, Fionaage 6, is best buddies with Oski. She is the only one who really gets Oski and she is also the only one he listen’s to.

Oski, left, and Fiona

Rounding out our family are our two mini lops, Reggie 4 and Buster 3. We will talk to the cats and the rabbits as if we are talking to humans. We apologize if we aren’t getting their communication or if we accidentally step on their tails. This closeness and acknowledgement keeps our home a

Baby Buster

harmonious one.

When I read the article about two cats that weren’t getting along and one of the things that Marilyn commented on is that the pet parents didn’t have different levels for the cats to lay on or sit on. In our house, the cats have places to lay on to look out the window. We don’t mind that they sleep on the furniture, so there are many levels and different territories for them to claim and re-claim. What I have noticed is that they take turns in the different areas of the house and sometimes they compromise by sleeping together. That is always a photo op. and it shows that they like each other.

If you want to see the interview I did with Marilyn and see how Maulee and Sudan jump through hoops, sit for a treat or even seeing Sudan open his cat carrier, go inside and close the door, tune in. My show, The Paw Stops Here airs Mondays and Saturdays 5:30 PM, PST. If live in the Vallejo, CA area you can tune in  on Channel 27 for Comcast viewers and Channel 99 for AT&T Viewers. If you don’t live in the area, you can tune in on our website, http://www.VCAT.TV.

If you would like information on Marilyn Krieger’s new book, Cat Fancy’s Naughty No More, or to schedule a consultation go to http://www.thecatcoach.com

Art that is beautiful and functional

I love being around artistic people and observing the visionary process they use to create these beautiful works of art. I have a friend, Kemper Stone who loves working with hard shelled gourds to create anything from a mask, a bowl to put your fruit in or even musical instruments. I met Kemper when I was volunteering for the Vallejo People’s Garden. I produced a promtional video for a gourd art workshop he had. I couldn’t believe how he could take a gourd and with a few artistic touches, he produced these beautiful works of art. I wanted to share some of his art with you.

Let’s help their voice be heard

Together we can let their voices be heard!

Yes, I am calling all rescue groups to be a part of my concert series. You can talk about your organization, the good work that you do and how we can help our organization. You will receive %40 of the proceeds to generate financial funds to support your Mission Statement.

One of my visions for my CD is to go out into the community all over the country and promote the message of love, dignity and respect for all animals on the planet. I heard the many heartbreaking stories of how animals are misunderstood. That if only the pet parents had stopped to observe their animals body language or taken their pet to a trainer, that many animals would have been able to stay with their people and not ended up in a shelter. Or if people who adopted a certain breed because they liked the way they looked, but didn’t have a clue about the personality traits of the dog, cat or rabbit. Then they decided that they had no time for training, the time and expense of proper grooming, or wellness checks at the vet. They gave up on their pet and took it to a shelter or worse yet, let it run in the wild, thinking that their natural instincts would get them through it.  When I was working for a pet food store in the bay area, I had a customer who got a labrador from a breeder, but she didn’t have time to train the dog, the dog got destructive, so she took it to a shelter. She came into the store to buy things for her new puppy, hoping this time it would work!

I saw many of these dogs and cats that ended up  at the Humane Society of the North Bay . I  worked with Bobbi Durston helping dogs to get over their fear of humans. I observed the body language of perceived aggressive cats and knew that they needed a more gentle voice or patience for them to let them know I was an ok human. That is why I was so grateful to have the opportunity to work with the cats using the Open Paw Program. We saw cats who were normally afraid of a male presence allow a young man to pick her up and take her back to her kennel.

This is why this CD project is so very important to me. I truly believe if we want to bring out awareness and raise the level of understanding and compassion that all humans have. We must be the change. and part of that change is allowing us to focus on the experiences we want to see in the world. We can raise the consciousness of how animals are treated if we focus on the positive results we want to create.

If you want to participate in this wonderful journey to let all animal voices and your organization be heard. Please go to my Contact Visions Alchemy page and let’s make this happen.

Staying open to the creative process

Yesterday, I announced my first concert date on my site, designed the flyer, wrote on my facebook wall. Today I get an email from one of the guest singers that he has a prior musical commitment he forgot about and wanted to know if I could change the date from March 18th to March 25th? The date change is fine, one more week to practice! Blessedly, it is still early enough that I hadn’t made any copies of my flyers yet or put the concert on Craigslist or the online periodicals in my area. I checked with Rita at Loma Vista Farm if the change was ok and she is fine with it too. My guides said to expect surprises along the way.  I just made the date change in my Events page. It will be easy to fix my flyer information. I know whatever comes up is part of the process. By keeping my attitude in a open receptive way, there will always be a solution. Who knows maybe the change will allow more people to come? I am open to all possibilities. I am so grateful that I have this opportunity to co-create this concert experience with the Universe and my friends. I will keep you posted on further details.

The Journey of Letting Their Voice Be Heard

Loma Vista Farms does so much for the community!

I really looking forward to working with Rita at LVF.

The first concert date is March 18th at The Vallejo First Church of Religious Science, from 1:30 to 3:00 PM. The suggested Love donation is $15 (but you are free to give more:) I am creating my rehearsal dates, contacting friends and family to help grow the concert. March 18th is only 2 months away, yet, I know that things will fall into place at the perfect time. My Brother Gabe De Los Santos who is a very talented singer/songwriter is going to be contributing his music and voice. He has agreed to do 3 of his compositions and will join me for a duet of Amazing Grace, which is featured on my Cd.

Two good friends Ed Rosenback and Lee Wingfield are going to also join me in one of my songs. They are very talented dynamic singers and songwriters also. I love singing alone but I really love singing harmony that is the Angel side of me. I have been wanting to put together a concert for a long time, but couldn’t visualize it before now. My guides tell me there will be many surprises along the way to help me to keep things lighthearted, when I get too serious and turn into an “Artiste” ( I still need to buy my baret).

In the beginning of this concert/fundraiser, I was only going to focus on animal rescue groups, I got the inspiration to support all organizations that support the message of my CD, promoting love and respect for all beings on the planet.The first organization to participate  is Loma Vista Farms. They do so much for the community. They teach us how to respect the land and all of Mother Earth’s inhabitants.  The message of Loma Vista Farm is this(borrowed from their website):

Founded in 1974, Loma Vista Farm has been making a difference in the community for almost four decades as a resource for environmental education.
 The services the Farm provides to the community are:
  • A place for individuals and families to enjoy time outdoors among the many farm animals and gardens.
  • Field trips for schools, day cares, youth, seniors, and special needs groups
  • Regular visits for the nearby two preschools, two elementary, two middle, one high school, and one adult transition school
  • Standards-based curriculum for school-age students
  • Garden-based workshops for adults
  • Job training for college students, developmentally disabled young adults, and disadvantaged youth
  • After-school opportunities through 4-H
  • Community service and volunteer opportunities
Call the Farm at (707) 556-8765 for more information.
Loma Vista Farm is a public and private venture between the Vallejo City Unified School District and the Friends of Loma Vista Farm, a community-based nonprofit organization established in 2003. The Friends provide fiscal, administrative, organizational oversight, and leadership. The Board is comprised of teachers, parents, community members, and representatives from local businesses. The Friends’ mission is to support Loma Vista Farm and Garden Center with funding, future planning and development, and management. Check out their website to see the exciting things they are creating.http://www.lomavistafarm.org/
And Stay tuned for more details!

My new CD-This is 10 years in the making!